Vivaha Prapthi Mantras – Marriage Mantras – Sowmangalya Prarthana

Vivaha or Marriage is an auspicious and happy moment in everybody / rquote’s life. There is a saying that “marriage are made in Heaven”, justifying its sanctity. It is a boon to get married and to secure a suitable match physically, educationally, emotionally and in various other aspects. A lively match is always a fore teller of fortune and successful life. But, these are the days people suffer to get a proper match and wrong matches have fired many young lives leading to the catastrophe such as divorce. Many are worried about the delay of marriage due to various reasons and problems, due to the planetary effects in their horoscopes. In order to ward off such worries and to find quick remedies to marriage problems, our ancestors were appealed to the heavenly beings through Mantras and Stotra Parayanas and secured the benefits. Hence as a service to suffering humanity here is a boon bestowed in sound from to fulfill the longing hearts concerning marriage. Listening to this compact disc, will fetch a perfect match and nourish a conjugal life as this contains mantras to attract the grace of the planets. Guru and Sukra and to get rid of the defects of Mars. Rahu and ketu in the horoscope which act as hudrles in setting the marriage.

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